Sunday, March 28, 2010

black dress with white collar


A classic style black dress with white/ivory collar and cuffs. I got this from etsy (vintage section) a while ago, and sadly it doesn't fit me – I was a bit too optimistic with the size listed because I wanted a dress like this so much.

The dress is made from a polyester that drapes really nicely. Zips up the back, and has two little hooks to do up the collar. The collar has a stitched detailing, as you can see in the second pic. Long sleeves, dress falls to above the knee. Fully lined. Has a soft A line, almost tent shape, meant to fit loosely.

*** MEASUREMENTS **********
all measurements taken flat, please double

BUST: 19 inches
WAIST: free
HIPS: free

Est. SIZE: small to medium********************************




esme and the lane way said...


Poppet said...

ohhh....this is super cute...i think maybe i want it! i'm not near my tape measure at the moment...but when i am i'll get back to you...hope it doesn't get snaffled up in the meantime.

also i think selling your stuff is a great idea...and doing it in a blog form is perfect. good luck with it :)

shellbell said...

this is so beautiful! good luck with your sales - i know how painful it can be to let go of things, but whenever i find myself in that situation i try to remember they are just things, and there will always be new things. and now you have the opportunity to share them with others who will be able to love and enjoy them.

good for you!

kissedbyan.angel said...
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kissedbyan.angel said...

This is so so beautiful. If it hasn't already been sold, I'd love to purchase it.

Vintagesuburbia said...

You are so good to be doing this. Wish I had the same discipline. The clothes are beautiful, and so reasonably priced! I like the honest, detailed descriptions too.
Unfortunately the white and black is too big for me too - but its divine
Good luck!